Monday, December 23, 2019

Genea-Journal - 23 December 2019

We survived the family visit, and are now back to the peace and quiet of our usual days here in rainy Chula Vista.  A brief rundown:

*  Friday, 20 Dec:  Lori and Logan came in at 10:30 to stay the weekend.  After lunch at D'Lish, they went off to Jump Around.  We had dinner at Black Angus.

*  Saturday, 21 Dec:  They took me to the USS Midway, we had lunch at Seaport Village, and home by 3.  I took a nap, they went to GoKarts.  Lori made lasagna for dinner.

*  Sunday, Dec. 22:  Tami and two kids came by 10 a.m. and we had Christmas gifts, then they got takeout for lunch.  Tami left at 2:30 or so, and Lori and Logan went to Jump some more.  We ate leftovers and they went to dinner.  We played monopoly for several hours.

*  Monday, 23 Dec:  Rainy day, finished the monopoly game (I won), and took them to the airport.  Home by 2:15.  Took a nap, then worked on the computer the rest of the night except for dinner break.

Been busy tonight answering email, writing blog posts, etc and catching up.  Back to regular schedule on Wednesday I think.

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