Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Genealogy Friday and Saturday - 20-21 January 2017

It was rainy both days, with a major rain and wind storm on Friday afternoon.

1)  Friday, 20 January 2017:

*  Linda didn't go to the Y - we stayed in our jammies and watched the Trump inauguration.  I read email and blogs on my phone while waiting for things to happen.

*  Noted that 52 Ancestors - Week 160: #225 Christina (--?--) Abel (1730-1804) of New Jersey posted, then wrote New Records Available to Search This Findmypast Friday, 20 January 2017 and took a nap, then watched the parade.

*  Added to the Best Of post, answered email, and wrote This Week's We're Related Relationships - 20 January 2017.

*  At 2 p.m., in the middle of writing the post, the power went out and there was a loud noise outside the genea-cave window.  The wind was blowing, and it blew the neighbor's metal shed throguh the fence and into the back yard, close to the house, but there was no house damage.  It eventually lodged against the patio cover.  When the power came back on, our DirecTV said that the dish couldn't find the signal from the satellite.  Did it move that much in the wind?  I called DirecTV andf a tech was scheduled for Saturday at 1 p.m.

*  We had dinner without any TV, read the paper and did the dishes.  I listened to news on the computer, and wrote the two Saturday posts.  Worked in FamilySearch Family Tree a bit matching persons in RootsMagic and adding content and sources.  

*  Checked Facebook.  Didn't journal.  Genealogy this day was about 5,0 hours.

2)  Saturday, 21 January 2017:

*  Linda didn't go to the Y, but I went to the men's Bible study breakfast at 8 a.m.  Showed my pictures of the metal shed in my yard.  Home by 9:30 a.m.

*  Read email and blogs, added to the Best Of post, and noted that Surname Saturday -- PECKHAM (England to colonial New England) posted.  

*  Talked to the neighbor and called the insurance company.  We have a $1600 deductible for Acts of God events.  There may not be enough damage to even file a claim.  

*  Rested my eyes, had lunch, and then the DirecTV guy came and fixed the dish - signal back, all happy.  Don't know what happened.  

*  Looked for a Yelp listing for debris removal and found about ten - contacted one and he gave me a quote that sounded good, so they came at 4 p.m. and dismantled the shed and the fence, and put it all in their truck trailer.  Took about an hour, and that's done.  Now I need to get a fence guy to replace the 12 feet of fence.  Drat.

*  Noted that Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - How Many Presidents? posted.  Downloaded the rest of the Friday syllabus articles from RootsTech using the app website - much faster and easier.  

*  Went in at 5:30 p.m. to eat dinner, read the paper, watch the news and wash dishes.  Online at 7 p.m. to read, wrote the Ancestry and FamilySearch weekend posts, then wrote CVGS General Meeting on 25 January Features Randy Seaver on FamilySearch Digital Microfilm.

*  Answered email, checked Facebook, added to the Best Of post, and worked in FamilySearch Family Tree some more.

*  Wrote this post.  Genealogy today was 6.0 hours.

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