Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 01/16/08

Today was an interesting genealogy day as I prepared to go up to Santa Cruz to visit my daughter and grandsons. I managed to do some genealogy work...

I was on the computer by 8:30 AM, and read my email and Bloglines. I posted the CGSSD 1/19 meeting notice then wrote several blog posts for later this week. I also scanned one year of Family Chronicle magazine for interesting web sites and visited most of them. That's a great magazine. A friend gave me 6 years of the bound together magazine to review.

I went out at 11:15 for lunch, then to the post office box, and to the library for the CVGS Computer Group meeting at 12 noon. The library database link worked on all but one of the computers (the one with the projector attached, of course), so we got that fixed by the staff. Everybody worked on their own problems, many of them on Ancestry Library Edition. After the meeting, I used the library newspaper microforms to do two query lookups. I got home at about 3 PM.

After email and Bloglines, I posted the latest NGS NewsMagazine TOC and then I answered some emails. I also posted some funnies and my NFL picks on Randy's Busy Life. Then it was news, nap and dinner time, and after dinner I helped Linda and packed. I got a phone call from a lady looking for a relative in Chula Vista, so I searched my favorite sites for death records, address, telephone number, land records and probate records in San Diego County. We didn't find a phone number, but we found an address for the right person - he lives (?) about 5 blocks away from me! I posted the latest Della's Journal entry and wrote up "The Four-Mile House of Ranslow Smith." Then Linda wanted to use the computer again, so I went and read my Vince Flynn book and watched the end of American Idol.

Genealogy today was 9.5 hours - of which 1.5 hour was reading email and Bloglines, 3.5 hours was CVGS related, 3.0 hours was blogging, and 1.5 hours was researching.

I'll be away until Monday and I'm not sure if I will have the time or energy to write this journal. There will likely be little genealogy activity, but there will be lots of family history activity as I have fun with my 4 and 2 year old grandsons.

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Unknown said...

How did Ranslow Smith get his first name? I have been researching the surname Ranslow.