Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 01/15/08

The month is half over and I fel like I haven't made much research progress this month. I guess negative results are progress, but they really don't advance the ball. This was a blog-happy day...

I got on the computer at about 9 AM, and read my email and Bloglines. It took awhile to figure out what I was going to blog about - I decided on a list of online resources to visit for my Russell Smith research - so I posted "Online Research Strategy for Russell Smith." That took a long time to write because I added so many items to my previous list.

After lunch, I was surprised to be on the list of the "Ten Best Genealogy Blogs" at Kimberly Powell's About.com:Genealogy site. I had to brag about it and act humble... Then I did a People Search for a friend of mine - he was looking for a fellow he worked with years ago. I found him in Reno NV, I think, but no phone number. I answered a few more emails too - everybody werote back real fast so now I have more to answer. I guess that's why I kind of let the emails stack up in my Inbox, eh? I wrote four more blog posts for the coming week. At 4 PM Linda wanted to use the computer and it was my nap time.

After dinner, the news, the debate, and the election returns it was 8 PM by the time I returned to the blogging arena. I read Bloglines and found Jasia's post about the Michigan Genealogist magazine and read it, and then read several presentations on the MHAL site, so I blogged about it in "Many heads are better than one." Back to Bloglines, and there was an interesting article on Legacy News, so I tested the 1900 Census on FamilySearch Labs and wrote about it in "Free 1900 US Census Images and Index on FamilySearch."

Genealogy today was 8.5 hours, of which 1.5 hours was reading email and bloglines, 5.0 hours was blogging, 1.0 hour was doing a People Search, 0.5 hour was reading the Mivhigan stuff, and 0.5 hour was testing the 1900 census on FS.

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