Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 01/22/08

It's good to be home, although genealogy is still taking a back seat to grandfather duties. Lolo is visiting for the week while her mom and dad work.

My last week has been very busy, with little time to do any genealogy research. I managed to read my email and Bloglines, and post several prepared blogs while at my daughter's home, but that was about it. Two little boys and a frazzled daughter don't leave much time for the fun stuff, but I did get to make more family history with the grandsons. Not much sleep, but some good times.

I got home last night by 6 PM, but didn't get on the computer until 8:30 since I had to give Lolo her bath and get her to bed. When I did get online, it was email and one Genea-Musings post about the Weary Genealogist. I went to bed early and had a good nights sleep.

This morning was Lolo-centric until 10 AM when she left with Linda to do errands, play at a park and have lunch - girl things. I decided to post about the February 8-9 St. George Expo, and then gathered all the info for the Best of the Genea-Blogs for last week. They came home and I got Lolo down for a nap, and then answered some email. I don't think she slept at all - got up at 2 PM and we watched Disney TV until she fell asleep in my recliner at 4. I dozed too! She woke up at 5 and we went out to Chick-Fil-A for dinner - Lolo played in the play area for 30 minutes before we came home. Then it was TV, bath, books and bedtime, but it took an hour for her to go to sleep. I finally got back online at 9 PM and read my email and Bloglines, but did nothing else of value. Maybe tomorrow. I'm still working on an Ancestors Parade post and also the 1808 post in my head.

Genealogy today - only 4.5 hours, 2.0 was reading email and Bloglines, and 2.5 hours was blogging. No research, no CVGS, just pretty much Lolo time - which is fun because she is really a good 3-year old full of life and just starting to talk. I'm blessed with instant family history here.

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