Friday, March 16, 2018

My Genealogy Friday - 16 March 2018

I've been feeling lethargic after 8 p.m. and haven't journaled since Monday.  I'm so ready to feel better again, but not yet, evidently.  I still have some coughing, but no congestion, and am still tired all day.  Only one nap today, though!

*  Dropped Linda at the Y after 7:30 a.m., home to read, picked her up at 9:30 and we went to Costco.  I ordered my new glasses.  We had a Polish dog for lunch and were home by 11 a.m.

*  Noted that 52 Ancestors - Week 218: #297 Joanna (Willson) Sawtell (1702-1786) of Groton, Massachusetts posted and wrote New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, 16 March 2018.  Added to the Best Of post.
*  Went in and napped in the recliner for 30 minutes, then online to read, update the RootsTech compendium, and wrote Genealogy News Bytes - 16 March 2018.

*  Checked Twitter and Facebook, and went in to watch basketball.  We had dinner, I read the paper, and washed dishes.

*  Came in at 6:30 p.m. to read, then wrote three posts for Saturday.  Made the Bible study sheets too.  Reviewed the presentation for Saturday.  Answered some emails.  Checked Facebook.

*  Wrote this post.  Genealogy today was maybe 7 hours.  I'm too tired to figure it out.

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