Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Genealogy Thursday - 12 May 2016

This was another fairly full genealogy day at home, with several interruptions.  Tomorrow things will change - we get the three grandkids at noon!

*  Read email and blogs, wrote Treasure Chest Thursday - Post 313: 1734 Birth Record of Ephraim Sawtell in Groton, Mass. and then went out and did the laundry and swept up some of the garage mess.  

*  Back in at 10 a.m. to read, add to the Best Of post, answer email, and add some folks to the Auble family found in obituaries.  Wrote’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds -- April 2016: Elizabeth Auble's Will and took a nap.

*  Online at 2:15 p.m. to read, then worked on Nona's problem with her Seaver family.  It's a puzzle and I may write it up sometime.

*  We went to Costco on an emergency run at 4 p.m. and home by 4:30.  Worked more on the Seaver puzzle.

*  Went in at 5:45 p.m. to watch the Padres game, eat dinner and read the paper.  Padres won 3-0 over Brewers, so now 16-20.  Won 3 of 4, 5 of 8, 7 of 11, 9 of 14.  Pitching has been excellent.

*  Online at 8:15 p.m. to work on the 52 Ancestors profile, check Facebook and write 2017 International Germanic Genealogy Conference—July 28-29, 2017.  Wrote this post.  Genealogy today was 8.5 hours.

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