Sunday, May 12, 2013

My genealogy week - 7 to 12 May 2013

We're back from the NGS 2013 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We had a great time, and pretty much stayed in the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino the whole time, until Saturday night.  You can read about my days in:

Day 0 at the NGS 2013 Conference (7 May 2013)
Day One at the NGS 2013 Conference -- Morning Report (8 May 2013)
*  Day One at the NGS 2013 Conference -- Afternoon Report (8 May 2013)
*  Photos From NGS Day One - Mariachis and Elvis! (8 May 2013)
*  Day Two at the NGS 2013 Conference (9 May 2013)
*  Exhibit Hall Pictures from the NGS 2013 Conference (10 May 2013)
*  Day 3 at the NGS 2013 Conference (10 May 2013)
*  MyHeritage to Announce Record Detective Feature (11 May 2013)
*  More Pictures from the NGS 2013 Conference (11 May 2013)
*  Day 4 at the NGS 2013 Conference (That's all, Folks!) (12 May 2013)

I cover Sunday, 12 May in the Day 4 post, at least up until we got home.

This afternoon I posted Happy Mother's Day 2013 and Best of the Genea-Blogs - 5 to 11 May 2013.

We went to Miguel's in Eastlake for a Mother's Day dinner, and then to Coldstone for an ice cream (which blows my diet, but it was good!0.

We were home by 6, and I updated my NGS 2013 Blog compendium and wrote the Day 4 post, and then wrote a post for Monday morning.

I checked on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, and am ready to sign off and come back in the morning.

Had a computer freeze-up incident today - the mouse froze for awhile until I manually turned off the computer and turned it back on, and it went through the CHKDSK cycle - didn't seem to highlight anything wrong.  I hadn't had it on since Tuesday morning - perhaps I need the McAfee to work its wonders.  I think I'll do more regular backups!

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