Friday, April 24, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 04/24/09

One more day until the CVGS seminar - I'm ready, I think. I spent most of today gettng ready, not only for the seminar activities, but having most of my Saturday time taken by the seminar. That means planning ahead for SNGF among other things. We were planning on going to the Padres game, but have scratched that.

After reading email, blogs and Twitter, your hurried reporter wrote Adding Quality Source Citations to Genealogy Software Through Technology in an effort to regain his mojo after fumbling badly on the earlier post - he didn't understand what Mark was proposing. Now he does, and appreciates Mark's vision. Then your intrepid reporter figured he should make a presentation of the CVGS seminar problem statements, so he did that and sent them by email to the panel moderator. He had to go to the bank and get gas, so a lunch at the world famous McDonald's Restaurant was in order.

Back home by noon, your exhaustive reporter read everything plus Facebook, and then wrote Have you checked Databases? after doing just that for his Lam/Lanphere/-phier/-phear/-fear/etc. He wrote a response to Ancestry questions prepared for Thursday's telecon. Next, he worked on a Research Summary and To-Do list, in order to present himself as an organized researcher (heh heh) and added them to the "Doing a Reasonably Exhaustive Search" presentation. At the least, preparing the presentation has been reasonably exhaustive! After an email from a colleague, your exhausted reporter wrote Special Offer on Footnote for NEHGS Subscribers. What happened to the Ancestry/NEHGS deal? Is that no longer available? Drat. Planning ahead, he wrote another RootsMagic post for Saturday morning posting. At 5, we went down to the noisy but good Mr. V's Italian restaurant and he gustaciously ate spaghetti and meatballs for $3.95 on their special.

We were home by 6:30, and Linda used the desktop computer until the Padres game started at 7, so your happy reporter set up the laptop on my TV table and transferred the presentation and other files to the laptop from the flash drive. Uh-oh - he needs to write the Best of post before Sunday (due to Scanfest) and do a little research on the seminar research problems. Your fanatical reporter did that watching the Padres game - got the Best of post half finished (can do the other half on Saturday night watching the Padres game since we're not going after all). The Padres won 4-3 in 11 innings, so at 10:45 he came in and read email before going off to bed reasonably exhausted.

Genealogy today was 10.5 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blog posts, 0.5 hour on Twitter/Facebook, 3.0 hours writing blog posts, 1.0 hour on Ancestry questions, and 5.0 hours on CVGS seminar preparations - presentations and research problems.

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