Monday, May 12, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 05/12/08

I woke up feeling punky today - tired, kind of out of it, and it didn't wear off until the late afternoon. I still have my cough, congestion, and hoarseness, although it's getting better. Therefore, this was not a genealogy intensive day for me. More a reading and relaxing day.

In the morning, after reading my email and blogs, I posted the summary of the Saturday SDGS meeting titled "My Jewish Journey To America" presented by Frank Gaylis. I went off to the library at noon, and visited a bit with my CVGS colleagues there. I read the latest Everton's Genealogical Helper and since I was feeling punky, I went home. I stopped for a Ding Dong at the 7-11 (and got gas at $3.91 a gallon) and was home by 2, and posted "The American Genealogist TOC" for the July 2007 issue. I really enjoy and appreciate this periodical, which is not tied to a genealogy society. I played around with my "colors" on this blog and the Randy's Busy Life blog, and went in at 5 p.m. to watch the ball game and have dinner.

After dinner and the Padres loss (12-3 to the Cubs - argggh), I was on the computer at 8 pm. I checked out my email and blogs again, and did a bit of searching in the Early Massachusetts VRs to 1850 (online at, and compared information here to my Seaver database. Then I posted about the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree and my small part in it. Finally, this post and I'm off to bed early because I'm still tired.

Genealogy today was whatever many hours - I don't have the energy to guess! It was really a useless day, I think!

I'm not going off to Victorville on Tuesday because I'm still sick. I can go to my CVGS meeting on Wednesday and the CGSSD meeting on Saturday. Cool. I still haven't seen the newborn Audrey, but I'm sure that I will soon (we're going up again in two more weeks).

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