Friday, January 4, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 1/4/08

Today was pretty much a full-time genealogy day, with a break only at lunch and dinner time. Lolo got up before 7 AM, so I spent almost two hours taking care of her while her mom slept in. We had our frozen waffles, fruit cup and apple juice together, played with puzzles and blocks, snuggled a bit and watched Disney Channel most of the morning. They went to the zoo in the morning, and then home in the afternoon. The kid is beautiful. Sorry - this is supposed to be about genealogy. Even a geneaholic needs a little play time...besides searching ancestry, that is.

I got on the computer after 9 AM, and after reading my email and Bloglines, I posted "The Genetic Genealogist Challenge" and "Another WorldvitalRecords Survey" on Genea-Musings. Then it was time to go to the bank, get lunch, and go for my walk on the bayfront with my friend, George - it was cold, about 64 F with wind, I had to wear my windbreaker.

I got home before 1 PM, and since Linda was on the computer, I took a nap. Then I spent a fun hour watching one of the Heir Hunter episodes, and blogged about it with "Heir Hunter Videos on BBC." I decided that I'd better look for my Smith notebook with my collection of papers from Jefferson County, NY. I found it easily (only had to move two boxes in front of the bookcase) and perused the contents for a good hour. I found that the Carnival of Genealogy had been posted by Jasia, so I read several of those posts and added two blogs to my Bloglines. Then it was dinner time.

After dinner, I read my book ("Legacy of Ashes" about the CIA) and watched the news for awhile, then got back on the computer at 7 PM. I had an hour of CVGS newsletter article writing, and some emails about our program days and times. Then I spent almost two hours writing blog posts for tomorrow, since I hope to go to the FHC in the morning and come home to watch the football games in the afternoon.

Genealogy today -- 8.0 hours, of which 1.5 hour was reading email and Bloglines, 1.5 hours was CVGS business, 2.0 hours was blogging, 1.0 hour was watching the video, and 2.0 hours was working on the Smith problem.

Some people might think that I waste too much time blogging - I think that occasionally too. But today was a good day to blog - lots of news, some interesting topics, and frankly I'd rather be writing posts than searching mindlessly through Ancestry for the impossible to find stinking Russell Smith. Why don't our ancestors have the decency to leave records for us to find? Huh? Just one little deed or probate record would really help me out, but no, there is one obscure mention in a list of people - that's it! Bonk (oops, the brick wall is hard).

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Jasia said...

Awww. Put a band aid on, have yourself a chocolate chip cookie and glass of milk, and get back on that computer... Russell Smith is out there somewhere just waiting for you to discover him!

(Those of us who read your blogs don't think you blog too much!)