Thursday, January 3, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 1/3/08

This was a frustrating genealogy day. The only saving grace was that Tami and Lolo (almost age 3) came to visit for a day - Lolo had fun shopping, eating dinner out, playing on the floor, and bathing. She is really a pleasure to be with - happy, fun, talkative, loving.

I started the day at around 8:30 AM, reading my email and Bloglines. I had no idea what to blog about, but I remembered that I had the latest NEHGR on my desk, so I posted the TOC for that. Then I did some more searching for Russell Smith in non-Ancestry and non-LDS databases. Zip, nada. In the process, I found several web sites not tested before, so I added them to my running list of genealogy web sites. That took me all the way to lunch time somehow - time flies, but I think I wasted it.

In the afternoon, I worked a bit on Ancestry, WeRelate and MyHeritage in my databases - trying to sort out how things work and how I can use them to their fullest. Frankly, I don't like the reporting/publishing capabilities of any of them. More frustration. Tami and Lolo came, so I posted my article about Access Genealogy and then about Genealogy Bank before we took off for shopping and dinner before 4.

We got home after 6 PM, and I played with Lolo a bit and helped with her bath. I tried some more Russell Smith searches to no avail. Frustrated, I watched Deal, Apprentice and ER rather than bash the keyboard searching for the elusive Russell Smith. I think I'm going to have to let him go until I can dig out my Jefferson County NY research book from the pile - I abstracted wills, got deed indexes and captured the Southern Jefferson County Historical Association vertical files on Jeffco Smiths several years ago.

Genealogy today - a total of 9.0 hours, of which 1.5 hours was email and Bloglines reading, 1.5 hour was blogging, 2.5 hours was working with my online databases, and 3.5 hours was searching for RS records in databases in vain. Argggh.

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