Monday, November 19, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/19/07

Today was an interesting genealogy day, but frustrating too. I had to go to the physical therapy facility at 8 a.m. today for my first shoulder therapy - she gave me exercises to do to improve my range of motion.

9 AM: Read my email and Bloglines. Noticed that the Carnival was posted by Jasia. It will have to wait until I get back from the library. Gathered my two new queries and went to the library for our regular Monday morning get-together at the table in the genea-stacks with Dearl and John. Told them about my exciting visits to the County Clerk and the cemetery. Listened to a few of their stories too. Then I went to the microfilm machine to find obituaries for the two correspondents - no luck. Then I got City Directories out of the local history room and looked for Cathy and her family (see yesterday) - no luck here either, the surname was too common, and I don't know the parents given names. So home...stopped at the gas station - up to $3.33 a gallon. Yikes.

1:30 PM: Read Bloglines again, and wrote my Carnival of Genealogy post on Genea-Musings, then transcribed and posted another week of Della's Journal. Found some stuff on the Internet for Linda, then read my news/politics sites, and went in for a nap, the news, and dinner.

6:30 PM: Wrote several emails about the queries, then commented on a blog post by Bill. Wrote an email to the CVGS list reminding them of Wednesday's Computer Group meeting. Decided to finish scanning the second album. Did about 16 pages, including some loose photos. Done with that one, now I have to get it all into PDF files for the CD. Finally, did a bit more research about finding Cathy's family - searched the San Diego county Recorder's office for deeds - found quite a few. Wrote a long email to my correspondent and summarized my findings. Checked Bloglines one last time, looked at the ho-hum blog stats, and this post, now off to bed.

Genealogy today: 9.0 hours. Blogging 1.0 hours, Scanning 2.0 hours, library 1.0 hours, research 4.0 hours.

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