Sunday, November 18, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/18/07

It was not a good day for my Chargers, but the genealogy part of it was sort of fun. I watched the newsers until 10 when the Chargers-Jaguars game came on. Long story short - the Bolts lost 24-17 a game that was winnable. To genealogy:

1:30 PM: Read email and Bloglines. There's another blasted meme thingie to do. Later. Worked on the Best of the Genea-Blogs and posted it on Genea-Musings. Read my news/politics forums and went to take a nap and watch the Dallas game at 3 PM. Zzzz.

4:30 PM: got a phone call from a fellow back east who had tracked me down through CVGS. He wants to find out what happened to a female classmate of his from back in the 1960's. He knew her name, her brother's name and probably the father's name but not much else. While he explained why he wanted this search, I was looking for info on the girl on Ancestry - a birth record, a marriage record, etc. I explained what I could do quickly and that I would get back to him by Tuesday. Then it was dinner time.

6:00 PM: Started working on the classmate problem - looked in CA birth, marriage, death and divorce records, the SSDI, the San Diego Union-Tribune archives 2000-2007, the Obituaries, Phone Directories and Public Records Searches on Ancestry, and finally and . I think I have the right birth and marriage data for her, and those of her two siblings, but I don't know the parents names for sure yet. I'll get some City Directory info at the library on Monday. After all of that, I decided to answer Terry's challenge with the Name Game, er, Meme post on Genea-Musings. Then in to watch Desperate Family Historians.

9:30 PM: OK, they weren't on. We watched the Travel Channel instead. I did the dishes, then came back to email and Bloglines, and this post.

Genealogy today: 5.5 hours total, 1.5 blogging, 3.5 online research. No scanning, no writing, no database, hmmm - need to crack the whip a bit and finish some projects before the next ones come along.

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