Saturday, November 10, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/10/07

This was a decent genealogy day, but short! When I got home at 3, my son-in-law and granddaughter were here. James got my router working again. Tami came and we all went out to dinner at Daphnes, came home and I gave Lolo a bath, and we watched football all night.

8:00 AM: Read email and Bloglines. Printed off flyers to deliver to the FHC. Wrote two Genea-Musings posts. Left at about 9:50 for the FHC. When I got there, I got on the computers and went right to the Premium Databases now available there. Worked in WorldVitalRecords a bit - found nothing much of interest on several surnames. I really wanted to work in footnote and see what I've missed by getting only the 10 page maximum on HQO for my RevWar guys. I downloaded two whole files (about 20 pages each) for Robert Seaver and Ichabod Seaver - not my ancestors, but stuff I have not seen and it may be helpful in filling out their family history. Checked for mentions of Norman Seaver and Benjamin Seaver in the RevWar Pension files - found several, including one affidavit that describes what the unit did. It sounded like what is in the RevWar Service files. At 11;45 I left for the SDGS meeting in San Carlos.

12 noon: The SDGS speaker was John Carpenter and the subject was DNA. His first talk was very technical - about Y-DNA, mtDNA, alleles, haplogroups, etc. He knows his stuff. The only thing I learned was that there are now more haplo sub-groups and they will identify many more. That's probably good. After a break, John covered the ancient and famous DNA information - from Niall of the Nine Hostages to Joseph Stalin, with Jefferson, Franklin and others included. Interesting but not too useful. Then it was home.

7:30 PM: Read email and Bloglines again - but went back to the football game.

Genealogy time today: 7 hours, of which 1 hour was blogging. Two hours at the FHC and 2.5 hours at the meeting.

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