Friday, November 9, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/09/07

Today was another unproductive genealogy day. My morning got messed up by an unforeseen problem, and I scanned all afternoon. I've done some checking of my database information against online information, for several ancestors, but found nothing special.

7:30 AM: The morning started with email and Bloglines as usual, and a song in my heart. So I wrote a Genea-Musings post about published "family tree" and "genealogy-related" topics. I wrote several emails to my CVGS board members passing information to them that they requested. At 10 AM, I went off to the County Clerk's office to get 3 death certificates, and spent an hour waiting for them ,getting only 1 because of some snafu at the office. I went to lunch and to the library, got gas on the way home, and got home about 12:15 feeling lethargic. So I took a power nap, watched TV and read the paper a bit and dozed off again.

2:00 PM: Checked email and Bloglines again. I posted the Family Tree Magazine table of contents on Genea-Musings (I like doing this - it helps ME find things in the magazine). They had a good software review section in this issue. I remembered that I need to hook up my router again so my daughter can use her laptop here this weekend. Hooked it up, rebooted the computer, and ... it doesn't work. Wonder why? It's a job for my IT guy - my son-in-law is coming tomorrow and he can show me the error of my ways. Drat. Then it was scanning until 5:30. I will probably post something about my process on Genea-Musings tomorrow. I got all of the loose photos from the album into the computer as TIFs and converted them and the album pages to JPG format. I also picked some of the photos off the album pages and saved them as individual photos.

7:30 PM: Check email and Bloglines. Hey, who else writes three posts a day? I emailed my correspondent who wanted the death certificates. Then I wrote up my "lesson learned" from the County Clerk's office in a Genea-Musings post here. I try to learn something new every day! I remembered that I have limited information about my John Kenyon/Anna --?-- family in RI/CT, so I checked to see if anybody has anything better. I don't think they do - too bad. The Kenyon surname book has my line wrong, but a Kenyon family web site has the same info that I do. I'm going to call it a night and get ready for an FHC visit and the SDGS meeting on Saturday by going to bed early.

Genealogy today: 7 hours, of which 1.5 was blogging. 1 hour was waiting at the Clerk's office. 1 hour was wasted on the router problem. The scanning and photo manipulation was the only useful thing I did today. Oh well - tomorrow is another genealogy today - just watch someone mess it up.

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