Friday, November 2, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/02/07

Today started out cool and ended up cool, but it was pleasant when I was out - maybe in the low 70's. We have a Santa Ana coming on Saturday, but will have iwnd only for one day.

I seemed to waste a lot of time today, but it was fun.

7:30 AM: Read my email - got a lot of spam comments. Read Bloglines. Then I remembered it was my grandfather's 116th birthday, so I wrote a post describing his life and impact on me, with several pictures - it's on Genea-Musings here. Then I went and changed Genea-Musings so Comments require registration and a letter verification to stop the d@mn sp@m.

10:00 AM: Went to the library to search for the obituary - looked at SD and CV papers with no luck in late 1997 - they didn't have good coverage then. Drat. I read a bit more of the Everton's GH, then went to Costco to have lunch and look for neat Xmas gifts for me, er, for Angel. Went to pick up George for our bayfront walk, but he wasn't there. Drat again. Went home.

1:00 PM: I need to start working on my Christmas newsletter research - I send a 16 page family history newsletter to the extended family (about 20 people) - I've been doing it for 20 years now. They are always interested in who we are distantly related to. I uploaded my Master genealogy database to Ancestry as a Private Member Tree, then went through the great-great-grandparents one at a time seeking famous ancestors. I found a bunch and will have a page in the newsletter. Cool. Time-waster, eh? I opened my genealogy database and tried to find families that don't have notes, or don't have spouses for the siblings, or dates for the family members. I have notebooks full of good published information (books and journal articles) for some of these families, so I filled out four families that were incomplete, and in the process found several more generations of two families. Cool - I rarely add new ancestors to the databases it seems - I did today. Dinner time - we go out to Daphne's for gyros and to Coldstone afterwards for icecream - yum.

7:00 PM: What to write about tonight on Genea-Musings? Read email and Bloglines. The Ancestry blog had a post about FTM 2008 Books - they want a wish list - I was happy to oblige - posted here on Genea-Musings in addition to filling in their form. Reading the Ancestry blog a bit more, I see that I missed the FTM 2008 webinar. But I can watch and hear it - so I spent an hour watching it, downloaded the charts, and then wrote a post on Genea-Musings about it. Did anybody else blog about it - I don't think so but can't remember back a week! Wrote this journal post, then checked the statistics, and off to bed I go. Yawn. See you tomorrow for tomorrow is another genea... Saturday filled with genealogy promise - who knows what will happen!

Hmmm, about 11 hours today, but only about 1.5 hours blogging, so that's good! Egads.

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