Monday, March 26, 2007

I Didn't Feel a Thing!

I haven't posted for a week - life has been busy here with the two grandsons and their parents here last weekend (put them on the plane on Tuesday) and on Wednesday we went north to visit my granddaughter and her parents.

While I was at their house, I did a bit of genealogy research, but was unable to log into the wireless network and therefore could not easily access my genealogy files. I did make one or two posts a day at Genea-Musings, but did no real research.

It is apparent that one tonic for Geneaholism is to spend more time with your spouse, friends, children and grandchildren. When the little ones are as fun, and as cute, as my three are, it is easy to do this.

We got home on Sunday afternoon, and I had to spend several hours getting ready for the CVGS meeting today - making a flyer, program agenda, and editing the speaker's handouts to minimize page count. I also posted twice to the blog. I still didn't do any real research, but I feel the NEED for it soon - I have films at the FHC waiting for me - maybe tomorrow!

What tonics for Geneaholism do you have?

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