Sunday, March 18, 2007

Discovered at last

Jasia at the Creative Gene has discovered my new blog tonight, and earns the grand prize of a beautiful suitably inscribed certificate to proudly display on her wall at home, or anywhere else she chooses to place it. Now I have to come up with the certificate!

She even broadcast her find to the genealogy blogging world, and this site received a few more visits today (11 so far) than yesterday (1).

That means that I have to delve into my geneaholic personality more and post about it. Maybe some day-by-day accounts of my genealogy escapades will work.

Today was easy - I had an hour online after I woke up from my nap before lunch
and I posted two notes on Genea-Musings. Why did I have a nap before lunch? Because we had the grandsons overnight by ourselves. I got the 1 year old who wakes up frequently in the night. So I got about 6 hours in three sessions, and stayed home from church to take a nap. Then tonight, I spent about an hour going through the 1790 census records on Ancestry to find Bresee (and variants) families in New York, plus email and reading my favorite blogs and sites.

Blogging will probably be light all week - the grandsons go home on Tuesday and we go to my granddaughters house on Wednesday until Saturday. Life is fun - the Geneaholic is learning to spend time on productive and fun things outside of genealogy.