Monday, April 27, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 04/27/09

It was nice to have a day to catch up on reading and blogging and resting.

I was up really early because Linda's alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. so she could takeo ur neighbor to the airport. After breakfast, I was on the computer before 7 a.m. and read email, blogs and Twitter, then posted RAOGK - Find the family of orphaned pictures from Brian's link. I got cleaned up and then put together Working in RootsMagic 4 - Summary of Posts at long last, and then worked on Working in RootsMagic 4 - Post 16: Creating Lists - Part 5. In a groove, I posted five items to my Randy's Busy Life blog and then wrote Mount Olivet Cemetery in Nestor on the SSDGC Graveyard Rabbit blog, which I've woefully neglected the last two months. I went exploring for new genealogy websites and almost blogged about one of them. Lunch time - I ate while blogging, then took off for the library at 12 noon for CVGS Table Talk.

Table Talk was uneventful, and I dozed off reading things due to my early wakeup. I went home early, although I picked up another Jeffrey Deaver book for my evening reading. I was home by 2 p.m., read everything, then decided to write and post Book Review - "Social Networking for Genealogists" - which I read several weeks ago but haven't found the time to write about. When I was done, I dozed off at the keyboard, so I went in and took a nap and we had dinner while watching the Padres game on TV. The Pads lost 12-7 to Colorado - damn pitching is terrible. A fellow called twice during the game asking for help making a powerpoint show of his family history - I ran through some basic things with him and he will come to the library next Monday for more help. I watched 24 after the game, and then read everything and wrote this post, my 11th blog post of the day (but only 6 were genealogy related)!

Genealogy today was 8.0 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 0.5 hour on Twitter and Facebook, 1.5 hours on CVGS activities, 1.0 hour exploring several web sites, and 4.0 hours writing blogs posts.

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Anonymous said...

You are one busy guy!

Thanks for the info on Social Networking for Genealogists. I think I'd like to read that.

Stephanie at Irish Genealogical