Saturday, April 4, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 04/04/09

Was up early, and got my email read before going off to the Men's Bible study breakfast this morning. I was back by 9:15 a.m. Read my blogs, Twitter and Facebook, then worked awhile on the post Working in RootsMagic 4 - Post 7: Creating a Narrative Descendants Report. Received several things in email for the CVGS newsletter, so I was able to add them and essentially finish the print edition by 5 p.m. I'm still working on the PDF edition for email distribution - we add two pages of computer stuff for those who receive it via email. I also got the snail mail list from Shirley and copied labels to use for this mailing.

At 3:40 p.m., I realized that I had not written the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post yet, so I took some pictures of the Genea-Cave and wrote the post. These are almost written on the spur of the moment!

At 5 p.m., I went in and watched basketball for awhile, then had dinner, and was back on the computer by 6:30 p.m. I worked some more on the CVGS newsletter - still have a bit to do. Read email, blogs, Twitter and Facebook, then worked on the Best of the Genea-Blogs post scheduled for Sunday. Read some more, then wrote this post. I need to go in and read my library books! Got Drew Smith's book today also.

Genealogy today was 10.0 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 0.5 hour on Twitter/Facebook, 4.0 hours writing blog posts, and 4.5 hours working on the CVGS newsletter.

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Marilyn Sawyer Morse said...

I understand you are looking for information on Frederick T. & Lizzie Seaver Blanchard. Frederick was my great uncle. I met him in the 1930s when I was a child. I would be happy to share what I know if you would like to contact me.