Monday, December 1, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 12/01/08

What a full genealogy day. It was fun. I even did a little shopping (um, er, well, walking around the mall looking in stores like Penneys, Macy's and Borders).

I was on the computer by 8 a.m. and reading my email and blogs. I posted SCGS Writing Contest Entries due by 31 December, checked Facebook and then got dressed to go out. I left before 120 and went to Greenwood Cemetery in San Diego in search of my elusive David and Amy Smith, plus Mary Ann Morrill (Davey and Mary are siblings of Della Carringer). I know they died in SD, but I haven't found their graves yet. I'm thinking now that they're still in an urn on somebody's fireplace mantle. I had a nice tour there, and then went to Cypress View and struck out there too - no tour. I took pictures at both places for the SSDCGYR blog. From there, I went to Plaza Bonita to shop for Linda's birthday (Wednesday) but had no luck finding clothes - I did get a card! Maybe the mail order stuff will come in time. I had lunch at the Food Court (Johnny Rockets - good bacon cheeseburger!) and checked out the Ancestry/FTM display at Borders - yep, still there.

From there, I went to the library for Table Talk with Dearl, John and Julie, but got tired and came home. I was home by 2 p.m., and read email and blogs, then read the latest Internet Genealogy magazine, and printed off the Table of contents for all of them so that I can find articles of interest. I noticed that Janice Nickerson had listed 10 favorite genealogy blogs, so I posted Another Top 10 Genealogy Blogs list. I checked in on Facebook, then read my politics blogs before going in at 5 to read the paper, watch the news and have dinner.

After dinner, I dozed a bit, then came in at 6:30 and posted Photos from Georgie Stillman's "Heirloom Discovery Day" Program and Genealogy Days in Chula Vista - December 2008 on the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe. I posted the link to the Heirloom Day on Genea-Musings too. I have a ProGen chat on Thursday, so I read Chapter 16 and created a Locality Research Survey form and started filling it in for Westmoreland County, PA. I was nearly finished by 10 p.m. when I quit, read email and blogs, and wrote this post.

Genealogy today was 11.0 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 2.0 hours writing blog posts, 0.5 hour on Facebook, 1.5 hours at the cemeteries, 1.5 hour at the library, 1.5 hours reading magazines, and 3.0 hours working on my ProGen homework.

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