Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family History Journal - 08/20/08

With Lori and the boys here, I'm having to catch small patches of time to read, blog or write.

I had to get the boys squared away for breakfast (they eat Grandpa's cereal - Rice Krispies) and Daddy's cereal (Honeycomb) in great quantities). They left at 10 a.m. to go swimming at a friend's house, so I had two hours at home to myself. I read my email and blogs, then posted Using FTM2008-Post 19: Source Reports and my weekly Family Photographs post. I checked the new databases on Ancestry and found a great MD-VA book with decent multi-generational genealogies - Linda's Prather family was in it with lots of good info. I had lunch at home, then packed up and went off to the library for the CVGS Computer Group meeting at 12 noon. We had only 8 people at the meeting - it's summertime. Ancestry Library Edition is still available, although we know it was not renewed at the end of July. I didn't find anything exciting, even dozed off at the tube before deciding to go home. I got home by 2 p.m. and took a nap.

Logan woke me up at 2:45, and Lucas was up by 3:15. We went outside to play - bubbles, ball throwing, watching traffic, then a walk down the block (well, actually it was playing tag) and finally they got naked and went under the hose fountain on the front grass. Lots of laughing and giggling. The neighbor looked on in wonder (I think). We got them dried off and dressed and left for the Zoo at 4:15. When we got there, we rode the Skyride over and back, then went to the Children's Zoo to pet animals, then they rode the little car and merry-go-round, and we had dinner. We walked over to the elephants and giraffes, and back to the front where the boys took part in a hula hoop and dance contest - they had a ball. Finally, we went to see the orangutans, but they were in their enclosure after 7:30. We stopped on the way out to watch a painter use brushes and fingers to paint a koala on a large canvas to music, in like 5 minutes. We were home by 8:30, and the boys were down quickly.

I finally got on the computer at 9:30 p.m. and read email and blogs and Facebook, but then did chores and came back at 10:20 to write this post. I'm pooped out from chasing, lugging, hugging and tagging my favorite two little guys. They make me feel young again.

Not much genealogy today - maybe 4 hours. Lots more family history. The hose shower is a keeper memory.

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