Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Journal - 07/31/08

Thursday was a slow genealogy day, but a major family history day. Of course, Audrey (three months old) won't remember it, but I will. The smiles, the laughs, the finger-grabbing, the knuckle-gnawing, the 4.8 magnitude eruption on the pooper-scale, etc. I was with Lolo all morning, watching TV, working puzzles and drawing pictures. We shared our banana and toasted frozen waffles this morning, as usual, plus the much-appreciated hugs and kisses. At lunchtime, she went off with her mom and grandma to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and ended up at her friend house for the night.

The only genealogy work I did today was reading my email and blogs, and writing three blog posts as the opportunity arose as Audrey napped. I did check Facebook once and Ancestry for new databases. There may be 3.0 hours at most for the day on genealogy. But plenty for family history!

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