Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lazy Day Journal - 06/24/08

Just another lazy, hazy, crazy day of summer, and me without pretzels and beer... oh well, I have genealogy and memories.

I was on the computer by 8 a.m., read my email and blogs, and posted "Sheri Goes to Samford - Post 5". I wasted some time looking at the traffic to genea-blogs - since I changed from http://randysmusings.blogspot.com to www.geneamusings.com my traffic has gone into the dumper. I was surprised by the traffic to several other blogs too.

I had a 10 a.m. appointment with the dermatologist to examine my largest organ, and she zapped me with the liquid nitrogen on my head several times and once on my arm. Just great - I'll have spots on my head at Jamboree. I was home by 11, and did a little research for "Who has married the most times?" Looks like there is a near tie between a one-at-a-time guy and a polygamist. I had lunch, and went off to the dental hygienist for my regular checkup and cleaning. I was home by 2:30.

I answered several emails from May about the Seaver and Auble families, sending a genealogy report in an effort to help my correspondents. I browsed through Ancestry's newspapers looking for Robert Leroy Thompson and his wife Lillian again - still nothing useful, even in Kingsport TN newspapers. I copied some recent files off my flash drive onto the desktop computer, and then copied recent files from the desktop to the computer for transfer to the laptop.

Then it was time to read the paper, take a nap, watch TV and have dinner. I spent about 30 minutes after dinner working on "Online Vital Records Web Sites" and posted it. The Padres game came on at 7:05, and wasn't over until 9:45 (Pads lost again, 3-1, arrgggghhhh!!!). I finished my murder mystery book, "Proof Positive" by Philip Margolin, and then finished "Finding Oprah's Roots" by Henry Louis Gates. I'll probably do a review of the latter sometime soon to break up the monotony on Geneamusings. I read email and blogs, and posted this blog, and it's off to bed in a bit.

Genealogy today was a lazy 4.5 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 reading blogs, 1.5 hours writing blog posts, 0.5 hour making genealogy reports for the emails, 0.5 hour looking for RLThompson, 0.5 hour working on the computer files, and 0.5 hours digging for blog traffic data.

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Hooray! Minnesota Twins beat the Padres!