Friday, May 16, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 05/16/08

Today was a typical Friday - genealogy in the morning, a walk at noon time, genealogy in the afternoon, news/dinner/Padres in the evening, and a quick genealogy nightcap afterwards.

After reading my email and blogs, I posted "Cousins finding me" and then took off on my excellent adventure to the new wing of the shopping center. It has a Borders Books and I was able to play with Ancestry online and get the lowdown on what they have to support genealogy enthusiasts. I had lunch in the mall at Panda Express, then wandered through borders again, stopped at the bank and the library to return and get a book, then picked George up for our weekly walk on the bayfront - it was warm today - 80 F on the water (and 94 F here later), so we walked slower than usual.

I was home by 1 p.m., and wrote about my Borders experience in "Ancestry Adventure at Borders Store." On my way to the bank, I thought "I should have taken some pictures with my cell phone..." - not only to show but also to refresh my memory of what they have. Oh well, next time! Then I decided to clear my email stack - I answered about 10 queries from correspondents, most of them about my Ancestry Personal Member Trees databases. Then I remembered that I hasdn't posted about the CVGS Research Group meeting on Genea-Musings, so I did that. I spent some time trying to find the Kemp families in southern Indiana that my cousin Cheryl pointed me to - one of the females may be the cousin in one of my pictures of my grandmother in about 1916. I found several generations but I'm not done yet, since I haven't found the cousin in the picture yet.

Then it was news time and dinner time, so I made my Dinty Moore stew and after that had my Rocky road ice cream - my life is so simple! After dinner, I ordered some genealogy things on the Internet to wear at the Jamboree - hee hee. I'll post pictures afterwards! Then it was time for the Padres game at 7 - we won 6-4 over Seattle. It wasn't over until about 10:15, so I came and read my email and blogs again, then wrapped myself into John Reid's little quotation puzzle, which I think I solved, and blogged about it at "A quotation challenge." Go try it before he posts the comments ...

I'm done - genealogy today was 8.0 hours - 1.5 hours reading and writing emails, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 1.5 hours writing blog posts, 1.0 hour making genealogy reports for my correspondents, 1.0 hour at Borders playing with Ancestry, 2.0 hours searching for Kemps on Ancestry and Rootsweb, and 0.5 hours shopping. It was a fun day!

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JDR said...

Congratulations Randy, you solved the puzzle, were first to do so, and more. I won't post your comment as it has the solution.