Saturday, May 10, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 05/10/08

So I tried to turn this blog into and failed. That's why some of you couldn't read it yesterday. I thought I did everything like I was told by Blogger ... who knows why it didn't work. For now, it's back to the blogspot URL.

Today was reading, blogging and the SDGS meeting - not much more! I posted "Saving computer images at the FHC" and "How did Mom get so smart?" early on. Then I finally sent my comment to Marty Weil on the Ephemera blog about the Hotel del Coronado picture. It was soon time to go to the SDGS meeting - I grabbed my Zingers and apple (lunch!) and left at about 11:20 am.

At the meeting, I talked to Marna, the SDGS President. She had some material for me and CVGS - I really appreciate her thoughtfulness! The speaker was Frank Gaylis, who has Jewish, Latvian, Lithuanian and South African ancestry. His talk covered Jewish history, his trips to Latvia and Lithuania in 2001, and his trip to South Africa in 2006. He found ancestral homes, some cousins and a former synagogue in Latvia and had wonderful stories to tell about the trip there. I really enjoyed this - the stories of people traveling to do research are really wonderful. At the break, Marna asked if I would participate in a panel discussion for the second hour, and I agreed. My voice is still hoarse and I'm not sure I acquitted myself well when given the opportunity. There were questions about software, German ancestors, military records, etc.

I was home by 3 pm. and I read through what Marna sent home with me. I went on Ancestry and found an interesting news article from 1877 about a 140 year old woman in Southern California. I did some research and posted "A Woman 140 Years Old?" Then I did a little more research on Wikipedia and added to the post. At 5 p.m., we went out to dinner to Trophy's (fish and chips) and then to Cold stone for ice cream. We were home by 7, in time to watch the Padres game (we actually won a game, 3-2). The game was over by 9:15, and I read email and blogs and wrote this post before heading off to bed.

We are not going to Victorville on Sunday, for which I am grateful. I'm not up to snuff yet, and won't go if I don't feel better. Tami needs us on Wednesday so we may go on Tuesday. If I go, I'll take the laptop and should be able to blog and read in my regular way. I need to get well first - I'm still blowing, coughing and sucking throat lozenges, plus taking the Tylenol cold and flu pills. At least I'm sleeping well!

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