Friday, February 15, 2008

My Family History Life - 02/15/08

Well, genealogy work was non-existent today because my daughter and grandsons are here. We got our act together and went to Legoland today - it's an amusement park in Carlsbad CA designed for children - lots of displays made out of legos, plus quite a few rides for kids of all ages, even grandpas. Logan barely reached the 34 inch height limit to go on rides with somebody. Thank goodness, it was his 2nd birthday! We had fun riding airplanes, helicopters, boats and cars, and had a great ice cream cone after lunch.

We dropped Lori at the mall at 3 p.m. - she will spend the night and most of Saturday with her friends - one is having a baby shower. Traffic wasn't too bad - we traveled the 40 miles in under an hour. The boys napped in the car, and I got one too when Linda took them for a walk before dinner. So we have the boys overnight and tomorrow - hey, there's two of them and two of us, can't be too bad, right? Dinner went pretty well, and we had cake and ice cream to celebrate Logan's birthday. We'll do it again tomorrow too. Bath, story and bed time were drawn out, but they were pretty good for us tonight.

Genealogy today was just reading email and Bloglines (1.0 hour) and posting "Letters from home - Post 10" and "It's Academy Awards Time - the AGFH of course" I prepared these earlier and posted them when I could today (0.5 hours). So - total genealogy time was 1.5 hours... but we made lots of Family History today! I'm going to bed early.

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