Thursday, February 7, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 02/07/08

This was a real good genealogy day - I did quite a bit of productive work and had a little fun too. The day started late because I had to take our friend Marg to the clinic for a blood test - she called at 8:20 needing a ride, and I was home by 9:30, so it didn't take very long and it really helped her out. Linda is getting better, but still stayed home. She cooked chicken soup today and we had it for lunch and dinner!

My genealogy day started at 9:30 AM with reading email and Bloglines, then I posted "Letters from home - Post 2" on Genea-Musings, which I prepared last night. I had to check my computer files and database to see which RI probate records I haven't transcribed yet - I found at least 4 of them. I transcribed 5 pages (great handwriting!) for Ruth (Hawkins) (Wade) Hopkins who died in Glocester RI in 1789. She had a very complete inventory of personal items - it might be interesting to put it on the blog to show what possessions a widow woman had in 1789. Then it was lunch time.

After lunch, I puttered for quite a while, checking out some colonial history web sites. I found an early American/UK music site and blogged about it in "Music from before our time." That was fun. I answered some emails, including a few hanging on from my Ancestry databases and several CVGS queries. I have two queries to work on tomorrow. Then it was nap, news and dinner time.

I came back to the computer at 7 PM, and found the article about the Iceland third-cousin marriages, so I posted "Want to have lots of children, marry a third cousin." I decided to search for more distant cousins, so I printed off two Vaux family lines in which I have people into the 1920 time frame. I searched the census, SSDI, CA death index, and WorldConnect for several families, and found several new families. There were several persons who have died since 2000, including two who have obituaries in Ancestry's Obituary Index. I should be able to find living distant cousins in several of these lines once I look in the People Finder sites. Now I need to update my database!

Genealogy today was 9.0 hours - 1.5 hours reading email and blogs, 1.0 hours blogging, 2.5 hours transcribing probate records, 2.0 hours reading colonial history web sites, 1.0 hour doing CVGS work, and 2.0 hours searching for Vaux cousins on Ancestry.

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