Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 1/8/08

This was another full genealogy day - it was fun!

I got on the computer at 8 AM, and read my email and Bloglines. The APG list had more posts about genealogist definitions, so I decided to write a note about "Definition of a ____ Genealogist" on Genea-Musings. That took awhile because I wanted to get the links right. I reviewed my biography file and made some new biographies for my great- and great-great-grandparents. I also messed around with some of the pictures I have - I cropped some to improve the picture content, and added contrast to others, especially on black and white photos. I posted about my great-grandparents - Frank and Hattie (Hildreth) Seaver.

After lunch, it was off to the UPS store to make copies of the CVGS flyer for our January programs. Then I went to the library and handed them over to be put in the distribution rack and the bulletin boards. I looked for the latest Evertons magazine but it was missing. I went and checked some things on Ancestry Library Edition - it looks like they have more database only computers now - good! I got home about 1:30 PM.

I resolved today to do some useful research work, so I downloaded the John Horton of Glocester (RI) probate records from my flash drive into my computer. Then I transcribed the will and other probate records of Susanna Barber of Charlestown RI into my FTM database. Linda came home and wanted to do her email, so I went and watched TV (well, I read the paper and napped) for an hour. I came back and reviewed my Russell Smith data.

After dinner, I got on the computer at 6 PM, answered several outstanding emails, and sent one out for the CVGS members about the Research Group tomorrow. I started the post 3 about "The Elusive Russell Smith" and put it on the blog. I spent over an hour trying to track down some of the folks who were early settlers with David Smith in Oneida County NY using the WorldConnect database. Some may have been from Glocester RI. How lucky is that - I have the probate record film at the FHC right now! Then I went methodically through the Oneida county NY USGenWeb site looking for history information and old maps. Finally, I went through the LDS FHLC for Oneida county NY and printed off several microfilm summaries and notes that I could order at the FHC. Then my daughter called and we talked for 30 minutes while she drove home. I'm going up to Santa Cruz late next week to help with the boys - she may have a computer online by then, I hope!

Genealogy today - 10.5 hours, of which 1.5 hours was reading email and Bloglines, 2.0 hours was blogging, 2.0 hours was CVGS related, 2.0 hours was transcribing probate records, and 3.0 hours was researching the Russell Smith and David Smith ancestry, associates and localities. I should go look for them in the Surname file on the LDS FHLC and also on PERSI - maybe someone else has already done this spadework digging up information on them (somehow, I doubt it!).

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