Sunday, January 6, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 1/6/08

Today had pretty much zero genealogy content, at least as far as research goes. I wrote a bit in the morning, and in the evening, but today was church, football and TV. We got home from church at 11:30, and I watched most of the second half of the Giants-Bucs game. Then the Chargers-Titans game came on, and being a diehard Bolts fan, I watched the whole thing (of course), plus the interviews and highlights afterwards. We won, 17-6 - a tough but clean game. In the evening, I can't miss Desperate Geneal... er, Housewives. This one was all about family. There was even spreading of cremains at the ballpark, and the snarky niece who didn't want all of the old heirlooms from her aunt who died in a tornado while saving Lynette's family.

I polished up the "Searching for Living People" post and put it up this morning after reading email and Bloglines. During the sermon at church, I mentally tallied where all of my ancestors were in 1908 - I figured almost all of them were in a graveyard somewhere. This afternoon before the Chargers game, I posted a reply on the APG list about the definition of different types of genealogists. It's been an interesting discussion.

Tonight after dinner, I polished the "Best of the Genea-Blogs" post and put it on Genea-Musings. Then I changed my colors on Genea-Musings to Chargers colors - blue and yellow. I can't find the exact match to the dark blue - I need to play a bit more with the color codes (I'm still using the original Blogger and have to mess with the HTML rather than pick from a limited color palette).

So - genealogy time today was maybe 3.0 hours - 1.0 hours reading email and Bloglines, and 2.0 hours blogging. Tomorrow promises to be a busy genealogy day - the library re-opens after re-carpeting. We may find out when our January CVGS meetings are - we haven't been able to schedule anything due to the closure and the holidays.

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