Thursday, January 31, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 01/31/08

January draws to a close with a full genealogy day at home. I stayed home and worked, but we had to go to the DMV and the store this afternoon which terminated 8 straight hours of genealogy time.

After reading my email and Bloglines at 8 a.m., I did a bit of research in the new Ancestry database of California Voter Registration Lists. I found many of my San Diego ancestors listed, and blogged about it in "California Voter Lists 1900 to 1944." I resisted the urge to waste more time, and got my Glocester RI probate record film images organized in my computer files. Then I transcribed the probate records for John Horton (1696-1796) and Elizabeth (Arnold) (Hawkins) Smith (1678-1758), widow of William Hawkins and Israel Smith.

In the afternoon, I went into the Rootsweb WorldConnect database and systematically looked for the marriage dates and names of spouses, and their birth and death dates, of the children and siblings of John Horton (1696-1796). I found some, and added them to my database. I posted "Probate Record of John Horton (1696-1796) of Glocester RI" later on. I played with Google Maps trying to get my Y-DNA and mtDNA trails defined, but couldn't figure out how to put the map in a Blogger post. Oh well. I love maps!

Tonight after dinner, I did a bit of Googling to find more information about John Horton, and reported on it in "More on the John Horton Family." I also searched the California Voter Lists for more relatives, including some of Linda's ancestors in San Francisco. This will be a good resource for Seaver families too when I get around to it.

Genealogy today was 10.0 hours - including 1.5 hours reading email and Bloglines (some excellent posts about Dinner Parties!), 2.0 hours blogging, 2.0 hours researching CA Voter Lists, 3.0 hours transcribing probate records, and 1.5 hours researching Horton data online.

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