Thursday, January 10, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 01/10/08

This was a fairly productive and fun genealogy day. I didn't waste any time in fruitless searching, and I learned some things.

It was email and Bloglines at 8:30, then I posted "Dear cousin - I think we're related!" for my Carnival entry. I gathered my book bag and went off to the FHC to read my Glocester RI probates film for Smith's in hope that David Smith or Russell Smith was mentioned. Nope! In the process, though, I found probate records for Elizabeth Smith (I knew that was on the film) and Ruth Hopkins and John Horton, both of which were surprises to me. So the film had 4 probates I needed instead of the 2 I knew about. Cool. I spent some time reading at the Rhode Island Genealogical Register on the shelf looking for Smith probates in RI - the FHC only has two volumes. Because I left my FHLC printouts at home, I got on the FHC computer and found the info for the 3 Oneida county microfilms and ordered them. Cool - maybe Russell and David smith will be in those probates or deeds. They better be if I want to make any headway.

I was home by 1 PM, grabbed some lunch and then got lost on Roots TV for 30 minutes watching Megan's Kissing Cousins video. I got the password in email for the Vaux book, so I went to the web site and read most of it - it took over an hour. Sara and Hanna have done a wonderful job, and credited me with the census lookups and family data I provided, which was a bonus. I decided to write my "Kissing Cousins" post. Linda wanted to do her email and I took a nap, then watched TV, we ate dinner and I watched the Pubs debate until 7:30.

After email and Bloglines, I quickly wrote my "Elusive Russell Smith - Post 4" and then went in and watched Celebrity Apprentice and ER - this is my TV night.

Genealogy today was 7 hours, of which 1.0 hour was email and Bloglines, 1.5 hours was blogging, 3.0 hours was at the FHC doing research, 0.5 hours was watching videos, and 1.0 hours was reading the Vaux book.

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