Monday, December 24, 2007

Genealogy Journal - 12/24/07

Ho ho ho - 'tis the season to be jolly, and I'm feeling much better tonight - jolly even. I've spent the last two evenings with my daughter putting things together last night and then tonight setting out presents, eating the cookies for Santa and writing the note back to the boys. I'm feeling much better, but Linda came down with a bug - food poisoning symptoms.

Lori planned and cooked a pot roast dinner tonight - she's good! Tami and her family came this afternoon, and the three little ones had a grand time running around, eating dinner, taking a bath, and eating popcorn. We also have the two dogs with us and they haven't got along yet.

Not much genealogy the last two days - but there has been lots of family history made in the minds of grandparents, two sets of parents and three little ones old enough now to remember special days.

I did read my email and Bloglines, and posted one message each day on Genea-Musings in between all of the festivities. Maybe 2.0 hours total over the two days? Who's counting, anyway?

Merry Christmas to all 10 of my regular readers here -- we'll get back on track at the weekend.

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