Friday, December 21, 2007

Genealogy Journal - 12/21/07

It's been a long three days and now I have a cold and feel lousy, so this will be short... I posted about my "trip" here.

I wrote and posted four notes on Genea-Musings on Wednesday morning (I had created them the day before). Then it was off to Santa Cruz, and we got back to my house last night at 11:30.

Today was more of a "survival" day for me - feed, play with and monitor the grandsons, keep the house semi-picked up, and I did have a two hour nap.

This morning, I snuck in for about 30 minutes to read my 200 or so emails, and I snuck in another time to read the 220 Bloglines posts that piled up over two days.

Tonight, I posted my Advent article for tomorrow, and then the article about changes and "improvements."

Genealogy today -- 2.5 hours total, of which 1.5 was reading email and Bloglines, and 1.0 was blogging.

That's it - I hope nobody stayed up late waiting for this anti-climactic post. But thanks for reading this far!

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