Thursday, December 6, 2007

Genea-Journal - 12/06/07

Genealogy was the focus of today, but I don't have a lot to show for it. I went out at noon to go walking with George down at the bay and stopped by the library on the way home.

8:30 AM - read my email and Bloglines. Wrote my Day 18 - Christmas Weather post on Genea-Musings. Decided to work on the Knapp, Cutter and Gage material I printed the other night. Added some data to the ancestral database for Cutter families, but after reviewing my previous work on Gage, I couldn't accept Jonathan and Hester (Chandler) as the father of Thomas Gage who married Elizabeth (Hunt) Vail and died in 1703 in Elizabeth NJ - the data just doesn't add up. Wrote an email to the CVGS list about the holiday lunch program on Monday. Then had lunch and went for the walk.

12:45 PM - went to the library to get a book, but played with Ancestry Library Edition instead. Got into the UK census records looking for Joseph Whittle and Rachel Moore, but didn't find them. Looked also for Marshman's in Wiltshire - found that I couldn't "Share" the data - meaning I couldn't email the link home - I'll have to do that in the Computer Lab. Went home, and searched Ancestry for Joseph and Rachel, but couldn't find them in the 1850, 1860 or 1870 census in CA. Frustrating - I'm sure they were in San Francisco and Tuolumne Counties, or in-between. Posted three items to the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blog. Decided to have some fun - went to the Forensic Genealogy page and easily found the answers to puzzle, so blogged about it here.

6:30 PM - checked email and Bloglines. Decided to work on the scanning project - finished the third album - 50 pages. Now I have to make PPT documents of the third album and caption all three albums, then save them as PDFs for the CD. Email gave me a link to the 1507 map, which I saved and looked at with the magnifier. amazing map - blogged about it here. That's enough for tonight - CSI and ER are on my to-do list along with reading some of my book. Tomorrow's another genealogy day - maybe something will surprise and delight me!

Genealogy today -- 10.0 hours, of which 2.0 were blogging, 2.0 was researching, 2.0 was data entry, 2.0 were scanning, 1.0 was CVGS related and 1.0 was reading email and Bloglines.

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