Friday, November 23, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/23/07

This was not a big day for genealogy - it was a day to get started on some of the pre-Christmas tasks that need to be finished within two weeks.

8:30 a.m. - read my email and Bloglines. Copied from the CVGenCafe blog the post about the CVGS Monday program and posted it on Genea-Musings. Decided I'd better get the Christmas card list and Christmas letter started. Printed out last years address list, the got Linda's address book to see who died, who move, who we want to delete, who we want to add. Printed out the new list for her to review and modify. It's a team effort. Used last year's letter as a start, then modified it to reflect 2007 activities. Added 6 pictures to embellish it, then had to squeeze it a bit to get everything on two pages. Checked the HP ink supply - oops, I need Black so made a list for an Office Depot run tomorrow. Lunch time now.

12:30 p.m. Got into my database to answer an email, made a report and sent it to my correspondent. Decided that I would post a biography of my grandmother Bess (Richmond) Seaver - that completes the set. Now I can work on great-grandparents. There's method to my madness here - I'm going to try to write a book about my ancestors now that I have more pictures from Aunt Gerry's collection. Sometime later, not now. I need to work on my Seaver/Richmond Family Journal tonight, so I went through my Genea-Musings archives to find what I've already written so that I can use it in the Journal. Definitely the Barack Obama cousinship article, and I can write a Mitt Romney cousinship article too to balance it out politically. So I wrote and posted the Mitt Romney cousinship. Cut-and-paste is my good friend, just like my right mouse button is a good friend for pictures, audio, video, etc. 4:30 p.m. now, so time to let Linda have at her email.

6:30 p.m. Checked my email and Bloglines again. Linda edited the address list and the letter, so I corrected them and printed a clean copy. The next step is to get the addresses onto the labels - I even found my labels. Started in on the Journal - got the Obama and Romney pieces in on one page each, then found the Isaac Seaver/Lucretia Smith Union Case picture and put it on another page with a description. Added the "Seaver Houses in Leominster" words and pictures. Looked again at the 2006 Journal word processing file and three pages were messed up. So I checked on my external drive and found the final copy there and replaced what I had on my computer hard drive. I dunno what happened. Oh well, it's fixed. I still have 5 pages to fill up out of 16, so I've made good progress in two nights. Decided to go through all the family photos and put "keepers" in one file folder for each year. Then I copied them onto a flash drive and inserted the flash drive into the Photo Player we got back in the spring. Set it up to play a slide show. Linda didn't like the photo selection - especially the cemetery photos, how'd they get on there? Another thing to fix.

Genealogy today -- only 5.0 hours, with blogging 1.5 hours, the Journal 2.0 hours, database 1.0 hours at most.

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