Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/14/07

It seems I'm in a rut - nothing goes exactly the way I plan it. I had a doctors appointment today to see if my weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol were down. I got there on time, but had to wait 20 minutes to get in to see the doctor. Then I told him about my right arm and shoulder having a problem, and he sent me down for X-rays, which took 20 minutes. Then I waited for 45 minutes to see him again, then had to pick up drugs and make a physical therapy appointment. It took 2.5 hours total, and messed up the plans I had for the late morning - to go to the County Clerk's office to fix yesterdays screwup and to the cemetery to get a gravestone picture for a correspondent. Will have to do that tomorrow, or Friday, or next week.

My genealogy day:

8:30 AM: Email and Bloglines were not exciting. Wrote a Genea-Musings post about the Grammar Police over on the APG mailing list, and my own failings as a grammarian.

12:30 PM: Home from the doctor and lunch. Couldn't decide on a blog topic, so I started cropping, editing and fixing the loose photos from my scanning project. Got about half way through them. Then I decided to make a PDF album of the 16 pages that I had scanned from the first of Aunt Gerry's albums - the one with the real old pictures. Opened OpenOffice 2.2, set the page to portrait, and proceeded to add the 16 scanned pages in JPG format. Added an introduction page, saved it, exported it to PDF. Voila. 32 mb. Cool. I think that's what I'll do with all of them. It's easy to do and anybody with a computer can read it and not mess it up. 5 PM, where did the time go? Time for news, dinner, and finish the paper.

7:00 PM: Email and Bloglines. Forgot to send the email to the newspaper about the 11/26 CVGS program, so did it - it's a day late. Drat - I need a tickler file, I guess. Posted the CGSSD meeting notice for 11/17 and then summarized the scanning project on Genea-Musings. Posted my NFL picks for week 11 and team power ratings on RandysBusyLife. Went browsing on Ancestry and found the link to the "Searching Ancestry" webinar held on 29 August. Watched it - 53 minutes, pretty good information; downloaded the slides. It will be blog fodder soon, I think! Now it's almost 10 PM, so will go finish my John Sandford book and hit the sack.

Genealogy today: 7.5 hours, blogging 2.0 hours, scanning 3.5 hours.

Good news on the medical front - all of my numbers were down. The drugs work! Except for the coughing aside effect, so the doc gave me a more expensive drug for blood pressure. The new one may make me dizzy - I may need my wife to catch me if I fall. May be fun.

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