Monday, November 12, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/12/07

Today was a "catch-up" day. Lolo was still here, but they went out shopping this morning so I could get some genealogy work done. I spent all afternoon with Lolo - doing puzzles, playing Disney Channel games on the computer, chasing balls outside and picking flowers on our walk, and then we all went out to dinner at Chick Fil-A. Lolo had a great time on the play equipment. They headed for home, and I was able to get some more genealogy work done plus reading tonight.

9:30 AM: Read email and Bloglines. Got three Genea-Musings written and posted - about the SDGS program on Saturday, the histogram web site, and my Visit to the FHC on Saturday. Then I transferred my 40 pages of Footnote RevWar Pension File images onto the desktop computer from the flash drive. I caught up on my favorite politics sites.

They all came home right after noon, so I took my nap while Lolo took hers. By the time I got back on the computer to do anything genealogical, it was 6:30 PM. I posted the latest installment of Della's Journal on Genea-Musings. More email, including two notes from CVGS members wanting help with queries from friends and cousins. I did a bit of research for both and emailed both of them with my findings. Non-productive, so far. Printed off and read the CVGS newsletter. Answered some CVGS business email. Managed my email list a bit - posted three humor pieces from email on the Randy's Busy Life blog.

9:45 PM: Where did the time go? Oh - Lolo! Making family history instead of blogging about it! No scanning today. No transcribing today. Only about 4 hours of genealogy today, and 2 hours of genealogy blogging. Am I spending too much time blogging and not enough time working on interesting projects?

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