Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/07/07

Well, it had to happen. I sort of flipped. I got the wild idea in the shower of writing lyrics about genealogy to the tune of old rock songs. So ...

8:00 AM: Read my email and Bloglines. Not much interesting, actually. First, I wrote a post about a problem with Ancestry that my colleague Chuck has - it's here. I went to and printed lyrics to "Searchin'" by the Coasters and "Surfin' USA" by the Beach Boys. That should get me started! Uh-oh, it's almost time to go to the CVGS Board meeting. I copied the seminar PDFs onto my flash drive, gathered up my papers and dashed out the door. To the post office (lots of mail - cool), then to the library in time.

10:00 AM: Led the board meeting - only had 8 of us, so it went smoothly and quickly. Good discussion about the seminar feedback and what we could improve on. After the meeting, I copied the seminar PDF files to Gary's computer so he can make the CDROMs to sell. Then we went to lunch at Big Daddy's.

1:00 PM: Home again. OK, let's do the lyrics for "Ge-ne-al-o-gy" sung to "Surfin' USA" music. Here it is! I'll do the other one later. I need to scan more loose photos for the Christmas CDROM. I found my stack "to-do" and spent about three hours on it. Almost done with the loose ones. What else can I post? I want to put biographies online about my grandparents - so I did one for my grandfather, Frederick Walton Seaver here. Nap and news time before dinner.

7:00 PM: Email and Bloglines. Some good writing on the blogs - gotta note them for my "Best of" post on Sunday. I got an email from a lady looking for Adam Seaver (1811-1889). He was born in NY, moved to IL and IA, and died in KS. Looked in my database - don't have him in all my Seavers but I've heard of him before. Checked Ancestry records, family trees and stories, and there was one family tree with a little info - it's the lady who wrote me. The census records for 1840 to 1880 are complete - 6 kids, 2 wives. Matches the family tree (probably the same sources!). But I still can't place Adam in a family. Input Adam and his family data into my Seaver database so that I have it available next time. Now - it's time to lyricize "Searching" - this one is harder because of the slang used in the original song. Oh well, I'll do a whitebread version - see it here. Well, that's enough - time for email check, the stats and go watch the news a bit before bed. Will I dream of Thomas J. Newton, Elizabeth Dill, William Knapp and Cornelia Bresee tonight? If I do, I hope they tell me who their parents were!

Time for today: Genealogy = 11 hours, blogging = 2.5 hours. But I did some research and almost got my photo scanning done.

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