Monday, November 5, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/05/07

Let's see if I can remember what I did today with genealogy.

7:30 Read my email and Bloglines. Pondered what to post this morning. Decided on the second post of William Hutchinson - on Genea-Musings here. Opened my FTM and looked for other families to "update" - found the Alexander Sovereign/Eliza Putman family had lots of kids but no dates, so I searched the LDS databases and the Ancestry databases. found a database with birth dates and a few spouses for Mary Jane Sovereen's siblings, so I added those to the database. They were from a Bible record held by a fellow in Manitoba, I think. Also found a Marley cousin has posted some Kemp data in an Ancestry Public Member Tree - I should email him.

9:50 AM: Went to the library for our Monday table talk with John and Dearl - we had no visitors. Regaled each other with life stories from this week. Linda came at 11:30 and we went to lunch at Rubio's. Sat next to a young mom with two little ones 4 and 2 - they entertained us, great fun. Linda gave them a balloon and stickers for being so good. That was pretty much the social highlight of the day!

12:30 PM: Home now, hey I see that Dick Eastman is back, and Megan Smolenyak has a short video of a Genealogical Wave. I had to blog about that - see it here. Worked a bit more on the Sovereen family, then Linda needed to use the computer, so I took a nap.

3:00 PM: Back on. Time for this week's Della's Journal post - it is here. What can I do now? I have several ancestral Dutch families in the Albany and Schenectady area in the 1650-1750 time frame. I searched for books on Ancestry for each family name - found quite a few, lots of good history and family information. I printed off maybe 20 pages or so.

7:00 PM: The football game is boring. I updated my Wave post, and then I thought I could try to find more of my cousin's ancestry online. I worked on the Bowers Fischer line using census and MA Vital Records to 1910, and deduced two generations. Put those in the database. Then I worked more on the Lewis Soule ancestry (another cousin's line) that I worked a bit on last night. I found more census data and some VR data, but can't find Jessie's maiden name - I'll have to ask my cousin. It looks like she was born in Atlantic Canada. Started to put what I've collected into my database - got the Soule line in - about 1/2 of what I have and about 1/4 of the total to be found. It's 10 PM now, time to get off, do the dishes and read my John Lescroart book.

Genealogy time today: 10 hours, of which 1.5 hours was blogging.

Did I advance the ball much today? Really, I didn't. I need to get started on my scanning task and continue to transcribe the RI probate records. Oh well - tomorrow's another genealogy day - maybe I'll have a breakthrough!

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