Friday, August 31, 2007

The plan is working

My counselor in geneaholism matters has counseled me to work on my recovery plan, which includes:

* Take a vacation and get away from genealogy completely. Enjoy the scenery, sleep late, eat well, go to a beach, commune with your family and friends.

* Stop blogging so often - it only makes you think more about genealogy research, finding and/or testing new web sites, etc.

* Don't get so hung up on your genealogy goals and objectives for the year - your dead ancestors will still be there waiting for you to discover them next year.

Well, I partially succeeded, I think. Here's the sad record:

* Angel Linda and I spent a week in Hawaii, but while there we met my cousin from Arizona and talked about family history. Not my fault - she saw me at the beach on Maui! I did take the laptop and checked email and blogged a bit on genealogy, but mostly about our vacation.

* I wrote 72 posts in August 2007 on Genea-Musings, while I wrote 84 posts in July 2007 on Genea-Musings, but I made 50 posts last year in August 2006 on Genea-Musings (I took a longer vacation!). So in the short-term I improved - fewer posts in August than July.

* I am so far behind on my genealogy goals that I set at the beginning of the year. I have gone about monthly to the FHC and ordered microfilms of my Rhode Island ancestors probate records, but I will not complete that this year. I haven't been to the San Diego county probate office yet, or completed my source citations, but there is still time. CVGS seems to be perking along, as is the genealogy blog, my own education efforts (although I only went to a local conference), and my presentations. And we took a trip to Hawaii.

So - you can see that I am slowly recovering my addiction to genealogy research and family history. There are worse things to be addicted to, I guess.

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