Monday, April 9, 2007

Vacations are great tonics

Linda and I have been on holiday since Saturday when we checked into the Omni Hotel in downtown San Diego for a Padres' weekend. Petco Park is next door (the hotel has an entrance to Petco). We attended the Friday and Saturday games and will go to tonights Padres game. We went to the Midway aircraft carrier on the Bay yesterday. We will go home on Tuesday after three days of rest and relaxation. See the pictures here.

I did bring the laptop and have checked email and Bloglines and my favorite web sites several times a day, but nowhere near like I do at home.

The only overt genealogy activity has been spending an hour or two at the San Diego Public Library today. Oh, I did dream about the 1880 census last night for some reason - I guess my brain went into withdrawal and decided to remind me of my addiction. The dream was recurring, but I can't remember the details now.

We usually spend some time on genealogy research or visiting family during our vacations, and this one is no exception. Now I'm a bit recharged and will get back in the genealogy saddle and charge off into the Ancestry sunset hoping to find the missing Thompson families in the census and other records. That, plus the income taxes! And blogging...and doing CVGS work...and...and...

I recommend taking a vacation if you are finding yourself in a manic or depressed attitude relative to your genealogy research. Life is bigger than genealogy.

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