Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Spouse of a Geneaholic

Being a Geneaholic (and male), I have no clue as to how my spouse feels about my addition and obsession. Well, other than her occasional questions like:

"Are you still on the computer? When I left, you were on the computer. Did you have lunch?"

"Honey, I called you for dinner ten minutes ago - didn't you hear me?"

"Your genealogy cave is mess - do you want me to clean it up for you?"

"Why are you so obsessed with dead people? You should pay more attention to your life wife."

"What are these charges on the credit card from"

I went searching for articles about being the spouse of a geneaholic, but the malady has not been described or analyzed in the Annals of American Psychiatry or its' newsletter, the "Freudian Slip."

So I Googled "spouse geneaholic" and found a treasure trove of articles at Morrow's Musings (, written by H. David Morrow, and published in the Missing Links genealogy newsletter in 2002 and 2003. The introduction page says:

"All of Mr. Morrow's Musings, as he calls them, give us a chance to laugh with him about his trials and tribulations as the spouse of a geneaholic wife, better known to his fans as "G.W.". As you read these articles, you have to laugh at yourself as well, if you too are a G. W., as I am."

After Missing Links ceased publishing, Mr. Morrow's articles were posted on the Our Brick Wall's web page.

Needless to say, these articles are insightful and scary to a Geneaholic. I'm not going to let my spouse read them - and I beg that you, my faithful readers, don't tell her about them!

The scariest article of all is "The Ten Step Program for Geneaholics and their Caregivers." Wow...I am speechless. I would die if I was committed to this program.

If you want a good laugh, go read all of the articles from the creative Mr. Morrow. It is obvious that he is married to a Geneaholic Wife. Frankly, I think he likes his life just the way it is.

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