Saturday, March 10, 2007

Signs of the Geneaholic

I know that there have been many humorous sayings, taglines, poems, and prose about being a Geneaholic.

Before I go find them and post them, I thought I would post my own "signs" that I am a Geneaholic.

1) I usually spend 6 to 10 hours a day on the computer doing genealogy work or research.

2) The most exercised muscles of my body are my fingers and my eyes.

3) Instead of counting sheep when I'm sleepless, I recite my ancestry. I can usually go 6 or 7 generations on both my father's side and my mother's side. I do this trying to put my grandchildren to sleep, also.

4) My ahnentafel is about 70 pages long (single-spaced, space between generations, 15 generations).

5) My genealogy cave is jam packed with paper. I have notebooks crammed full of secondary source material in bookcases. The genealogy periodical collection is about two feet high over a 10 foot length of bookcases. There are deed abstracts and copies of probate records piled up in the closet. The "to file" pile is 18 inches high.

6) I have about 20 different FamilyTreeMaker databases. I make a new one for each "client" I work for.

7) I have four different genealogy software packages on my computer, but I use FTM as my first choice.

8) I try to post 2 to 5 blog posts each day at Genea-Musings. I feel guilty if I don't!

9) I go to the Family History Center regularly and obtain more primary documents from microfilms, even though I have about 36 inches of papers waiting to be abstracted or transcribed.

10) I am drawn to New England, and go often. My cousins there don't understand why we come so's the cemeteries, of course! And the libraries, the museums, the history, and the homes.

That's enough for now - off the top of my head (which does not have much else resting there).

Cheers -- Randy

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