Sunday, August 15, 2010

Randy's Genealogy Day - 14-15 August 2010

Grandpa Camp is over and i'm still exhilarausted... but had two decent genealogy days on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, 14 August

* Home from the airport at 10:15 AM, noted that Surname Saturday - KENYON (England > RI) posted and that Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - A Place Line was set to go off later. Read email and blogs then took off for the SDGS meeting.

* Walked into SDGS meeting and Gini and Elyse were there to greet me. We chatted for awhile, sat together for the two talks, had refreshments together, sat through the second talk, and took pictures of each other afterward. Great to see these two beautiful genea-bloggers!

* Was home by 3 PM, watched rest of the Padres game. We lost 3-2 in 11 innings to Giants. Pads were undefeated while Lucas was here! Had dinner at home on patio - nice and cool.

* Back online after dinner, wrote SNGF - My Own Place Line and read everything. Wrote two posts for Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blog. Answered some emails, then worked on a colleague's passenger list problem for awhile. Checked on Facebook and Twitter too.

Sunday, 15 August

* Read email and blogs before church, left at 9:15 AM to feed Barbara's cats.

* Home at 11:30 AM, got busy with Best of the Genea-Blogs - 8-14 August 2010 and finished it before the Padres game. Watched the game, read the paper, read NGS Magazine, took a little nap, and Pads won 8-2. Cool - we're ahead by 3.5 games now, 5 in loss column.

* Read everything, answered some emails, ate on the patio for dinner, back to write my SDGS newsletter article on Saturday SDGS meeting. Was in the middle of answering emails when friend called - her wheelchair stuck in dirt - needs help. Linda and I went over, she stood up, I pulled 250 pound chair out of rut. Worked fine! Rewarded with hug and bottle of water and yummy choc chip cookie.

* Back home by 9 PM, read more, did emails, checked Twitter and Facebook, wrote this post and done for the night!

I'm supposed to have jury duty this next week, but called and don't have to go in on Monday. Cool - can work in my database and blog! Have lots of new material to enter - still trying to catch up, plus working on sources and AKA names. Then resolving place names. Then reviewing all material I have and making research lists. A long row to hoe!

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