Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grandpa Camp 2010 - Family History Made!

Grandpa Camp started on Monday night, 9 August and went through Saturday morning, 14 August. In between I had pretty much all-Lucas, all the time, except for Wednesday, when Linda took him while I had a genealogy day.

I was able to read my email, read my blogs, and even wrote several blog posts after Lucas went to bed. I had prepared a number of blog posts ahead of time for the week.

Here is the Grandpa Camp summaries from Facebook postings:

Monday, 9 August

Grandpa Camp has started - got Luc home by 7:45 PM, played soccer, Monopoly and hockey cards. This may be a tiring week for Grandpa!

Tuesday, 10 August

Day 2 at Grandpa camp: Continue monopoly game. Play baseball on street. Go to Fun-4-All: Arcade games, air hockey, foos ball, Bumper boats, miniature golf, ice cream bar. McDonalds for lunch. Library for books. Home for grandpa's nap. Baseball on street again. Out to dinner for pizza. Home for Padres game, reading, finally in bed. Whew!

Wednesday, 11 August

Day 3 at Grandparents Camp was Linda's day to share with Lucas. To the San Diego Zoo, then swimming in a friend's pool, and I met them for dinner at In-N-Out. Luc and I played baseball before watching the Padres game on TV - he really gets into it while kicking the soccer ball around - always moving, unless he's snuggling with me. Kinda neat. He's such a fun 6-year old.

My day? I got CVGS newsletter published finally, hosted a 2 hour entertaining genealogy research group, took a nap, and retrieved the Lincoln from the shop. Some reading, no blogging, no research. Padres won 8-5, so I'm happy. So is Luc!

Thursday, 12 August

Day 4 at grandpa camp - the Monopoly game continues - I have more property and am gradually taking his money. He is good but sneaky. More cul-de-sac baseball - I pitch, he hits, I chase, he runs, I'm tired, he isn't. Off to the mall for hockey cards and other stuff at Target. Then the food court. Then the cemetery... - he found my Carringers right where I knew they were! Can't start too young, you know!

Day 4 continued - home to play with racquets and tennis balls, then I took a nap while he watched TV. Had a fast game of trash can golf on the street (use bat and baseball to hit trash cans (the "holes") and keep score. He won. Then off to Padres game on trolley. Padres won 3-0. Lucas had only cheeseburger and ice... cream...then got a ball and some cards. Home by 7 PM.

Friday, 13 August

Day 5 at Grandpa Camp - we started with baseball before the clouds cleared - Lucas hitting pitched tennis balls 100 feet or more as a 7 year old. We left at 10 AM for a long day at the New Children's Museum. He loves the Segway-type carts, the rock-climbing wall, and once he got a balloon we played balloon volleyball... with another kid for over an hour. We built towers with blocks and knocked them down

Grandpa Camp has totally consumed my time since Tuesday - have I missed anything in the genealogy world? I know I missed the phone call today. And missed blogging. Have to take Lucas to airport in AM, then SDGS meeting at noon. Genea-blogging will resume when I recover! Lucas is a really fun little 7-year old boy ...- all boy, funny and silly, very competitive, and well behaved.

Saturday, 14 August

Day 6 at Grandpa Camp. Had to wake Lucas up at 7 AM to make 7:30 trip to airport. Fed, dressed, packed in 30 minutes, and to airport at 8, at gate at 8:30, he was on plane at 9 and left at 9:30. Whew! Grandpa Camp is over. Haven't found any of his stuff yet. What a neat little 7-year-old boy - lots of good family history memories this week!

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