Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Semi-Genealogy Tuesday - 20 December 2016

This was another beautiful day in Chula Vista, warm, sunny, no wind, high around 75F, low around 45F.

*  Dropped Linda off, read emails and blogs, picked her up, and home by 9:15 a.m.  Noted that Treasure Chest Tuesday - 1870 U.S. Census Record for Frederick Schaffner Family in San Francisco County, California posted.  Added to the Best Of post.

*  Decided I'd better balance the bank accounts, haven't done it since February.  Found the bank statements, and finished one of them, then had to find the deposit slips for what I deposited, and the credit card statements for what we spent on the card.  The latter is the hardest thing since there are like 20 to 40 entries each month.  Wrote AncestryDNA Update - December 2016 at noon, then had my nap and had lunch afterwards. 

*  Back to the balancing act, and finished around 4 p.m. for the first account.  Still have to do the second bank account.  The tree trimmer guy came and did the front cypress trees and the two big bushes in the side yard.  Yay!  He's coming back to do the hillside tomorrow.

*  Checked Facebook, and worked in the FamilySearch Family Tree for awhile, then got into Jay's tree and checked it out.

*  Went in at 5:30 p.m. and finished cooking dinner, we ate watching TV news, I read the paper, then did the dishes.  Linda went to bed.

*  Online at 7 p.m. to add more to Jay's tree, then made a PDF of a narrative report for him.  

*  Added to the Best Of post, answered email, and checked Facebook.  Wrote this post.  Genealogy today was 6.0 hours.

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