Monday, September 28, 2015

My Genealogy Monday - 28 September 2015

I finally had a fairly full genealogy day.  No Padres game.  It was hot again today, about 85F in CV.

*  Read email and blogs and noted that Amanuensis Monday - Post #287: 1702 Will of Ezekiel Bloomfield (1653-1703) of Woodbridge, N.J. posted.

*  Joined the Mondays with Myrt Hangout on Air, and discussed Linda's church work award, the New Jersey probates going missing on Ancestry, and merging two family tree databases.  

*  We left at 11 a.m. for Don's to get the Lincoln assessed, then to International Transmissions to get a quote, and were home by 12:15 p.m.  They called with a quote - not outrageous.  We said go for it.

*  Online to read, note that New or Updated Record Collections at - September 21 to 27, 2015 posted, and wrote Here Yesterday, Gone Today: the New Jersey Wills and Probates 1656-1801 Records.  Went in and took a 30 minute nap.

*  Added to the Best Of post, answered email, and checked Facebook.  Worked in Deb's tree to standardize facts, then matched to or added persons in FamilySearch Family Tree.

*  Went in at 5 p.m. to watch TV, eat dinner, and water the front plants.  Watched some of the NFL game.  

*  Online at 6:30 p.m. to read, then worked in the Ancestry Hints.  Got 199 resolved, adding content and sources.  Sources up to 65,228.

*  Checked Facebook, added to the Best Of post, and wrote this post.  Genealogy today was 10.0 hours.

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