Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My family history days - 9 and 10 August 2011

These were days four and five of Grandpa Camp -- one without any genealogy content and the other with some.

1)  Tuesday, 9 August:

*  Got the boys fed, and watched TV with them.  We left at 9:45 a.m. for Sea World.  Saw the penguins, beluga whales, walruses, turtles and sharks, but not dolphins, seals or orcas.  After lunch, we all rode the Shipwreck Reef Rapids ride, and got drenched.  They did it a second time.  Then to the playground with Lucas while Logan and Lori did the big waterfall in a boat ride.  They got wet again.  Had a snack, and left by 2 p.m. 

*  Home, Lori took a nap, and Linda and I took the boys to Barbara's for a swim.  The boys played the whole time, usually diving and jumping and wrestling and chasing.  Their motors never stop, it seems.  Fun, but tiring.  Home to eat broccoli, then Linda and Lori went out to dinner and I took the boys to In'n'Out for a hamburger.  Then home for dessert. 

*  Got to put Logan down for bed, we talked until he started yawning, then "good night" and he's easy!  Lucas is not so easy. 

*  Finally got to read email, check Facebook, read blogs, add to the Best Of post, write a post for Wednesday, and done!

2)  Wednesday, 10 August:

*  Read email and blogs before boys awake, noted that Calling Genealogy 911 - Firefighter Needs Help posted, and wrote (Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 165: Betty and the Cat and set it for later, then wrote SDGS Meeting on Saturday, 13 August Features Barbara Renick and set it for afternoon.  Lori and the boys left for the beach at 9:45 to meet her friend and her kids there for a play day.

*  Tried to catch up on FTM2012 Sync board, answered some email, watched a bit of the Chasing Women webinar, printed off some papers, and packed the laptop for the CVGS Research Group meeting. 

*  Left at 11:20 for the library, got into the room and set up the laptop, then chatted with my colleagues as they came in.  Started the meeting at 12 noon, but projector wasn't there yet.  It arrived shortly, got it set up and we watched Leland Meitzler's Chasing Women webinar from Legacy Family Tree.  The 14 attendees enjoyed it, and we spent the next hour sharing research, telling stories, answering questions, etc.

*  After the meeting, I worked on a query.  Home by 3 p.m. to read, do some work in FTM<2012 and sync with AMY, then went in to watch the Padres game.  Pads won 9-5 over Mets.

*  Had dinner, and Lori and boys came home from the beach and dinner out.  We watched Padres game, then they went to bed at 8 p.m. fairly early.  I put Logan down, he is so sweet and fun and happy. 

*  Online at 8:45 p.m. to read, add to the Best Of post, work in the AMT, check Facebook, and write this post.

Genealogy today was 8 hours.

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